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Its ususal pratise now in Nigeria for an employee to be treated contrary to Labour standards all over the World. Some employers even go as far as violating Fundamental Chapter IV Rights and African Charter On Human and Peoples Rights.

By providing you with a vetted pool of proven Labour Litigation Lawyers to pick and choose from, you'll never have your employment contract violated again.

You might not be aware you have a Contract. Well think again. Your Country provides you some basic set of rights which you might not even know are being violated. Once you notice any breach, we'll be on hand to advise you.

Now, you'll be able to negotiate your employment from a position of strength

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We charge a simple ₦1000 to ₦5000 "token" to connect you to a Lawyer who best suits your need. This is to seperate the serious clients from time wasting ones. A lawyer's time is valuable and chargeable as such. We spend a lot making phone calls and getting them to look at your case.

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