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“Social media is creating a new generation of Nigerians who have neither power nor money but have influence. And this is what the old stock are afraid of.”
- Al Jazeera.

“Whatever trends ONLINE trends on traditional media. And whatever trends on traditional media trends in the policy space. So we are looking at a shift in paradigm, in which social media becomes a definer of social discourse.”.
- Al Jazeera.



Contacting a Rep. Takes Less than 1 minutes.
Make your elected reps accountable to you.

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It does not matter how much you worry.
If your Representatives do not know about an issue, nothing changes. So?


Through RepCommend, you can now easily contact your Representatives in the Houses.

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Fixing our Democracy needs your voice. If you don't say what you want, no change occurs.

Liaison Office?

This is 100 times faster and more convienient than visiting a Liaison Office to lay a complaint.

Dispatch Feedback

Through our crowd-sourced RepCommenders, this feedback on your people's most pressing needs is sent on time to your Rep.

Raise a Motion

Serious Reps. Collect this feedback on your people's most pressing needs, in time to... raise a Motion for your people.

Get Notified on Bills

Since your Reps. have your details, they can easily contact you When passing a Bill, Motion, etc., for your input.

Live close to Parliament?

When last did you do something that will change the World?
Be in charge of delivering Feedback we collect on the site to a Rep. near you.

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